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How to Log In to Your Trezor Device

Logging into your Trezor device provides a secure way to manage your cryptocurrencies. Follow these simple steps to access your Trezor:

  1. Connect Your Trezor Plug your Trezor device into your computer's USB port.

  2. Visit the Trezor Wallet Website Open your web browser and navigate to Trezor's official wallet site.

  3. Select Your Device If prompted, choose the model of your Trezor device (Trezor One or Trezor Model T).

  4. Enter Your PIN If you've set up a PIN, the device screen will show a randomized pin matrix. Enter your PIN by clicking on the corresponding positions on the web interface.

  5. Access Your Wallet After successfully entering your PIN, you may need to enter a passphrase if you've enabled this feature. Your wallet interface should now be accessible, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrencies safely.

Remember, never disclose your PIN or passphrase to anyone, and always ensure you're on the official Trezor website to avoid phishing attempts.

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